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Pick up the pieces of your life and rearrange

Risk of Change – Holcombe Waller

All that anyone really needs is a good adventure. They say a change is as good as a holiday, but sometimes the change you need is the actual holiday. When the urge to travel hits, it hurts in your bones. At the start of 2015 life brought me to Ubud, Bali in Indonesia – the spiritual and geographical centre of the world.

Yoga, mediation, sound healing, ecstatic dance, raw, organic, vegan, Ayurvedic, cold pressed, fermented – Ubud is the ideal place to fill your days with what feels good in life. Serendipity, solitude, gratitude, rest, relaxation, walking, healing, nature, wonder, music, laughter – when life feels good, great things happen.

When travelling solo, it’s easy to make more plans than hours in a day to keep solitude at bay. But really, spending time alone is a pit stop on the highway of self-actualisation. Learning how to be usefully lonely is scary but incredibly rewarding.

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There's beauty in the breakdown

Let Go, Frou Frou

I Am That, I Am is a playlist about travel adventures, spiritual awakenings and soul unravelings.

A soundtrack inspired travels to Ubud, Bali and learning how to love more, be open and let it go.

32 songs about wanderlust, inner knowing, happenstance, morning silence, late night chatter, beautiful strangers, laughing in the rain, trusting the universe, unexpected beauty, saying yes, being present, and breaking open.

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From the corner of my eye I thought I saw a light shine

Something Beautiful - Alexi Murdoch

Returning from a soul satisfying trip to Indonesia, I had immediate cravings for Bubur Kacang Hijau meaning mung bean porridge or (to me) – Ubud in a bowl.

Made with versatile mung beans, coconut milk, fresh ginger and spices – you’ll taste why this delicious legume has since become my best friend in sweet and savoury dishes. For anyone with a sensitive system, mung beans are relatively easy to digest, high in fibre and nutrients, and are one of the most cherished foods in Ayurveda. This isn’t an everyday breakfast, but when I make it I am transported back to Bali with the first spoonful. As with everything, make it your own with what ingredients you have on hand and what toppings inspire and nourish you.

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