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tea meditation ceremony in Fremantle, served by Andjelka Jankovic

Tea unlocks quietude, presence, clarity and completion. — Wu De

Sacred Sunday

An invitation to drink tea and just be.

A traveling tea ceremony.

A reminder of the need for sacredness, ritual and being together in our lives.

The Sacred Sunday series will be starting in early 2021, serving tea around Fremantle. If you’re interested in joining, add your name here and I’ll put you on the list!

All are welcome at this tea gathering.

What is a tea ceremony?

Tea ceremony is an ancient practice of deep listening, stillness and mindfulness.

We will be sitting together and drinking tea in silence as a collective meditation.

Tea is about reclaiming your aliveness.

A moment to realign your mind and spirit.

So simple and profound, the magic of tea is best experienced rather than explained. Although I will say: tea has a remarkable way of revealing the Truth with a capital T.

What tea will we be drinking?

We’ll be drinking living tea that is organic, wild and sustainably produced from ancient, old-growth groves.

This isn’t your average cup of tea and might be different from what you are used to!

The tea leaf is considered a medicinal plant. Healing and adaptogenic, tea allows us to receive in whatever way we may need.

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Tea offerings

+ Retreats

+ Birthdays

+ Wedding showers

+ Friends sits

+ Life transitions

+ Community gatherings

+ Or just because…

Please get in touch to arrange a tea ceremony for whatever you may need.