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I can’t believe how real life never lets you down. I can’t understand why anyone would write fiction when what actually happens is so amazing.Nora Ephron

Work With Me

Want me to write something for you? Need a thought partner or a co-creator? Confused about marketing and all the buzz words?

I am a freelance writer and creative consultant for hire.

I live for words and literature; and also have the practical know-how in copywriting, editing and content.

I specialise in ideation, launches, brand voice, websites, ghostwriting, articles, blogs, newsletters, e-books, and getting the media’s attention for your business.

I’ve worked for over 12 years in marketing, communications, community building and PR roles; with a few long-term overseas travels (I call them ‘quests’) for my soul.

I also marry people as a celebrant and serve tea in ceremonies. 

I am based in Fremantle, Western Australia working on projects locally and am open to collaborating with you wherever you are.


I offer human-to-human consulting in the following four areas:

– You are a brand or new (entrepreneur, product, creative project, small business) and want to put something out into the world and have no idea where to start

– You need someone to set up your marketing, write your content, make everything sound like the same person, and get the media to talk about you 

– You are looking for a writer to translate your ideas and what you want to say into words; or just hate your website or any copy and really need a re-do

– You think marketing and PR sounds really hard or boring or complicated — I promise it doesn’t have to be that way

If you don’t know what any of this means, and want someone to make it really easy for you — that’s me!

To set up a chat or to meet up and see if we’re a good fit, email me: hello@andjelkaj.com

I’d love to help you.

My Writing Work

My writing scope is wide; from a website for AI vehicles to a famous hot chicken restaurant.

Here is past work I am particularly fond of:

How To Ask Beautiful Questions — A Guide

Cosmic Rest And The Seven Types of Rest You Need

Curated Japan: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

Bowls of Soul In Big Sur

Saturn Return Is Real

I am currently writing my first book and plotting how to get invited to be a ballroom extra in a period drama. Any leads are most welcome.

Contact Me

I want to work on meaningful projects with alive, buzzing people.

Let’s talk! 


And if you made it to the end (thanks), this is for you — FUQ (Frequently Unasked Questions)