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A 20 billion person universe with 8 planets circling around a giant fireball… with 204 countries, 908 islands, 7 seas and you found each other in this often crazy (always magic) world —

WELL seriously DONE!

Hi, I’m Andjelka and welcome! 

I am an experienced marriage celebrant in Western Australia who orchestrates highly personal, authentic, energetic and contemporary wedding ceremonies.

I get no bigger kick than from being a conduit for commitment, a mouthpiece for matrimony, and a larynx for love with a backstage pass into relationships. I love the sacredness of ceremony and rituals in my daily life and think a wedding is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to come together and say: “Life is too short, this matters; let’s celebrate!”.

I am a storyteller of people in love. My friends would describe me as a ‘lover of love’ from way back (with an affinity for a good 90s rom-com, just ask me). I describe true love as friendship on fire — two people who come together and create a third sacred space, their relationship.

We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the star bright. — Ernest Hemingway

Oh, Ernest. I bring warmth, humour, and connection to the honour of being the voice for your relationship at one of the most memorable moments in your life. I click with every couple I have married, I call it celebrant chemistry. I always go above and beyond to fulfil the vision of your wedding ceremony and ensure it is a seamless and exceedingly beautiful experience.

I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of each other. — Rainer Maria Rilke 

I craft heartfelt and wholly you both ceremonies with a magnetic atmosphere that communicates the reverence of your marriage moment. I am a writer as well in my life, and my favourite part is writing your couple story that ensures an unforgettable ceremony that will stay with you and everyone else long after the “I do”.

Mandy & Marc

What is included in the whole sha-bang? Services provided for your momentous occasion include:

– First no-obligation catch up to find out if we have the spark
– Second meeting to fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage and get your ceremony started
– Writing a personalised and punchy wedding ceremony
– Recommendations on readings, rituals and support for writing your own vows (if desired)
– Wedding rehearsal
– Conducting your wedding ceremony
– Administration of all marriage documents and legalities
– Loan of portable PA system for your ceremony
– Ensuring every detail of your ceremony is looked after so you can both be at complete ease, presence, and joy on the day!

Want to chat? Please email me at hello@andjelkaj.com and we’ll go from there I’m also happy to travel to wherever your special day is to happen (I’ve married folks from Fremantle to the Boranup Forest to Bali).

It would be an absolute honour and a whole lot of fun to marry you. Let’s do this!

There is no remedy for love but to love more. — Henry David Thoreau 

Scroll down to read what my magnificent couples have to say about their own wedding day


Lovely words from couples I’ve married…

“Andjelka was an absolute dream to work with. She created such a warm and happy ceremony – it truly felt like us and we had so many lovely comments from our friends and family about it too. We loved her ideas to personalise the ceremony, and to involve our guests in meaningful ways that made the whole thing truly memorable for all. She’s fun, she’s a fantastic storyteller and was a great sense of calm whenever any nerves popped up. We can’t thank her enough for such a magical day.”

— Anna & James, March 2023

“Andjelka was recommended to us by another celebrant, who was unavailable on our wedding date. From the moment we connected over Zoom for an initial chat, she impressed us with her warm demeanor and desire to make our ceremony as meaningful and personalised as possible. We completed a detailed ‘couple questionnaire’, which Andjelka wove into the most beautiful ceremony script, and she had some lovely ideas to take it to the next level. At the rehearsal, she was able to put out minds at ease so that we could go into our wedding day feeling calm with the knowledge that all was under control, and she carried that energy to the ceremony itself. She was honestly a dream to work with from start to finish, and we received so much positive feedback from our wedding guests. If you’re planning on getting married in the near future, I highly recommend using Andjelka as your celebrant.”

— Adrienne & Hugh, March 2023

“So appreciative of you Andjelka. Such a huge part of our day as our celebrant. You have found your calling in this role. You’re an incredible storyteller. Thank you for making our ceremony so calm, funny, emotional and special.”

— Danica & Adam, November 2022

“We would love to thank you so much for stepping in as our celebrant. We were so happy that you were available and I knew from the first time meeting you over FaceTime that you were the perfect fit to share our story. My husband was extremely happy with my choice after meeting you and discovering your bubbly personality, organised nature, attention to detail and ensuring our needs were met. Everything leading up to the big day was very smooth dealing with Andjelka. The day itself was exactly as planned and we felt like we could really be in the moment. Andjelka checked in with me before the ceremony started and brought me water which I was very thankful for. She also handled all the legal work making the transition into being married very easy. Thank you for creating a wonderful story of our love journey and incorporating our child and dog into our special day.”

— Sophie & Taylor, October 2022

“Andjelka is a truly wonderful marriage celebrant (and person)! We cannot recommend her highly enough. Andjelka’s kindness, calmness and empathy make her the perfect person to guide you through your wedding!

Andjelka made sure that our ceremony was meaningful and just perfect for us. She took the time to get to know us, and write a ceremony that was beautiful, personal, and tailored to us as a couple; and her delivery of the ceremony was masterful. She guided us all through the whole process with kindness, grace and levity. Many of our guests said to us afterwards that she was by far the best celebrant they’d ever witnessed, and we could not agree more! Thank you so much, Andjelka, for everything!”

— Rosie & Karl, September 2022

“We were recommended Andjelka by a mutual friend and were impressed from the moment we met her. She was so professional, talented, likeable, and just had it all together, and she paid for the coffee!The way Andjelka conducts herself with wisdom and calm efficiency borders on the mystical. Her comforting Zen-like presence is exactly what you need to help guide you through the planning and conducting of your special day.

The effort and attention that Andjelka put into writing our love story and tailoring our ceremony was amazing, she certainly knows what she is doing. The way in which she included everyone and thought of everything is a testament to her commitment and experience. We knew that our day was in good hands with her at the helm.

If you are looking for a celebrant who is warm, unique and personable then look no further than Andjelka Jankovic!”

— India & Nick, April 2022

“There are no words to describe Andjelka’s contribution to our ceremony and wedding day. Her natural grace, warmth and oozing sense of calm ensured that we were comfortable every step along the way and felt in control of the chaos surrounding us. We were blown away by her thoughtful touches in the ceremony script writing process, which made the day all the more unique and meaningful for us and our families. We are particularly grateful for her flexibility, adaptability, organisation and her perceptiveness in truly understanding us and what we needed and how we were feeling in the days leading up which was incredibly reassuring. Andjelka is one of those rare people who brings sunshine anywhere she goes and we will be forever indebted to her for making the best day of our lives even more magical. It simply would not have been the same without her.”

Renée & Adam, April 2022

“Andjelka came recommended to us and we knew from the first phone call she was just the kind of celebrant we wanted. Someone fun, thoughtful, relaxed and who listened to what we wanted out of the ceremony. She had some beautiful suggestions too that we hadn’t even thought of, like introducing the people in our bridal party. Many of our guests commented that was one of the things they loved most about the day! It was clear Andjelka takes the role to heart, wanting to make the day as smooth and enjoyable as possible for the bride and groom. She also put a lot of emphasis on making sure we were grounded in the moment, giving us space to focus on the other person and take in what was happening because it all goes so quickly! It was a really stress-free and fun process working with Andjelka and we can’t thank her enough for all her effort and kind touches in the lead up and throughout the day.”

Bonnie & Louis, February 2022

“I knew right away that I wanted to go with Andjelka and we are absolutely thrilled we did! Our wedding ceremony was exactly what we hoped it would be – relaxed, authentic, tender and perfectly “us”. Andjelka was such a great help both on the day and in the lead up, going above and beyond to make sure every little detail was taken care of so we could relax. After our first meeting I knew she ‘got’ what we were about as a couple and we thoroughly enjoyed the process of drafting our couples’ story and ceremony script with Andjelka’s careful direction, creativity and care. She has an incredible talent for writing (and public speaking) and I admire, in particular, the way she talks about the nuances and intricacies of romantic love, and finds the magnificent in the mundane. It was important to us that our ceremony feel genuine and true reflection of who we are.

Leading up to the wedding we were very nervous about the ceremony and having all eyes on us. Andjelka was amazing and provided lots of great tips at the rehearsal to put us at ease on the day. We could never have imagined how relaxed we would end up feeling – the ceremony was a breeze thanks to her! Andjelka knew exactly where to be and when, and we really appreciated the way she held space for us yet allowed us to have our own when needed. She handled our flower children like a pro, was lovely to absolutely everyone and helped with so many little things, but it’s those little things that added up to a glorious result!

After the ceremony, friends congratulated us on how beautiful and heartfelt the ceremony was and told us they were blown away by Andjelka. Many of them said she was the best celebrant they had seen to date. We couldn’t agree more! Thanks Andjelka for everything. We won’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Heather & Jon, December 2021

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day so special. You made the entire process so easy and stress-free and we cannot thank you enough for making our ceremony so special – it ran seamlessly. Such a credit to you and your total gift for creating an atmosphere and holding space for presence and love. It was a magical day and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ceremony. You captured our relationship so poignantly and our guests absolutely raved about how fantastic you are. From helping with Ash’s dress (near) disaster to calming both our nerves to speaking so incredibly – our day wouldn’t have been what it was without you. Thank you so much for all your hard work and intuition in reading us so well and creating the perfect atmosphere (that we couldn’t have articulated – but somehow you knew!)”

Ash & Adam, September 2021

“If it wasn’t for you, I suspect myself and now husband would never have made it down the aisle! You took care of everything and we can’t thank you enough for your warmth, wisdom and attention to detail. Our guests were so impressed, as were we. Thank you for crafting our story and making the wedding run smooth — and may another bride never give you a used tissue ever again!”

Hayley & Tom, April 2021

“Andjelka was not the original celebrant we booked for our ceremony, but after a change in circumstances and our first celebrant cancelling we discovered Andjelka. When we met her for the first time my husband and I immediately felt comfortable with Andjelka, it was like having tea with an old friend rather than someone we had known for less than an hour. She is so friendly and genuinely interested in our story, our love and our life together. After our first meeting, before even reaching our car my then fiancé said he was SO GLAD our first celebrant cancelled because it was immediately clear the Andjelka was the perfect person to marry us!

Our ceremony was perfect thanks to Andjelka. She was such a calming presence in those nerve-wracking moments before I walked down the aisle. The ceremony was delivered with the perfect amount of energy. It was beautifully written and delivered.

We had multiple comments from friends and family about how great Andjelka was! I honestly can not think of anyone better to trust with those precious moments that are your marriage ceremony. I am so incredibly thankful we found Andjelka.”

Ellie & Shaun, April 2021

“Prior to being engaged we attended a friend’s wedding where the ceremony felt different, individual and really resonated with us. When we were wedding planning we knew immediately we wanted that celebrant as part of our ceremony – Andjelka! Andjelka was warm and engaging from our first conversation. Through Covid, wedding postponements and numerous border closures Andjelka was kind but with just enough assertiveness to kick us into gear when we lost the excitement. She graced our ceremony with beautiful words and an amazing, uplifting energy. Andjelka also gave brilliant ceremony direction in terms of lay out, back drop and was an excellent asset on the day. Our family loved her too and we have already recommended Andjelka to our friends for their wedding!”

— Melissa & Tim, March 2021

marriage celebrant perth with couple

“Andjelka was the celebrant at our recent and intimate South Freo wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to share in our day and our love.

Andjelka delved into our love story & brought such gems to the fore. She was able to communicate our intentions and wishes for our life together with such thought, warmth and intelligence.

Our families were so impressed with the ceremony they keep asking us about Andjelka at family gatherings (and how to book her!)

Andjelka is a joyous presence & her love of ‘love’ is infectious. She intuitively knows when to be at the centre and direct, and also when to step back and let things happen.

Couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thanks & gratefulness Andjelka!”

— Jasmyn & Eoin, November 2020


“Something that was apparent right away was how much energy and effort Andjelka dedicates to facilitating wedding ceremonies. She took the time to get to know us individually and as a couple and made us feel excited about creating a ceremony that reflected us. The process of completing the couple questionnaire, was extremely profound, to be given a space to pause and connect to what really matters, it was like the ceremony began before the special day.

When it came to the wedding day, Andjelka was instrumental in bringing together all the logistics, she has an amazing eye for detail and made us both feel supported and that it was all coming together seamlessly. She told our love story, included the perfect poems and words to ignite the heart and introduced us to meaningful rituals that made everyone at our celebration feel included. Andjelka was the perfect wine to compliment our main dish!”

— Amanda & Marc, August 2019

“Andjelka is an excellent celebrant and an awesome human. She is original and genuine and a hopeless romantic while also being a true professional. She crafted our ceremony carefully with all the love it deserved and there was something really magic about how it all came together on the day. We felt swept away by the beauty and fun of it and our teary friends and family just gushed to us all night about it.

Andjelka was chill and flexible and patient with us while we organised a wedding around our busy work and social lives. However, she kept us to task and stayed on top of all the important official grown up bits of getting hitched, so everything went off without a – well – hitch.

If you want your wedding to be something special, have Andjelka marry you. She will not disappoint.”

— Sarah & Peter, May 2019

Sarah & Peter

“Andjelka is a true student of love. She makes it her business to learn, study and recite song lyrics, poems and extracts from literature and films which capture the magic of romance. As a result her ceremony reading was peppered with so many enchanting and wondrous words of love that we felt it truly brought home the serious yet joyful nature of the marriage we were entering into.

Andjelka spent so much time with us to create our couples story and we loved hearing it put together and to be able to share it with out nearest and dearest. She was so respectful and instantly understood the kind of intimate ceremony we were after and her suggestion of the warming of the rings ritual was one of our favourite moments. She was the perfect celebrant for us and we cannot thank her enough for all the time, effort and love she poured into helping make our wedding truly magical.”

— Louise & Kim, December 2018

“Choosing Andjelka as our celebrant was a no-brainer. She is excited by love and cherishes the union between two people. She was able to turn our vows into a heartfelt and personal ceremony through her beautiful writing and impressive public speaking skills.

In addition to this, she is a calm and highly organised operator. We felt complete trust in her to keep the ceremony running smoothly, which meant we could focus purely on each other and the commitment we were making.”

— Claire & Mike December 2018

“Andjelka was the celebrant at our wedding and we had the honour of being her very first couple to marry. Andjelka made sure we set the tone for our wedding in the way that we wanted to and conveyed things the way that felt right and natural to us. She was the perfect mix of heartfelt, genuine and casual. We wanted our wedding to be romantic and convey the importance of it to our guests. but still keep it light, full of humour and put everyone at ease.

She suggested a poetry reading that I would not have probably considered otherwise, but I’m grateful because it gave us a moment to breathe. She understood that we wanted to give our guests a clear story of how we met and that we didn’t want to write our own vows. She wrote her own beautiful passage about us. I appreciated that she asked us if we wanted a welcome to – or acknowledgement of – country (we did). In all, it resulted in a ceremony that felt like “us”.

Many of our guests were in tears and told us it was the best ceremony they’d ever witnessed. Several people commented on the day about how amazing Andjelka’s delivery was and I would reply, “can you believe that this is her first wedding?!”

Andjelka is an absolute star and I am convinced was born to do this work. She is full of so much joy, understanding and genuine passion – all so vital for celebrating such an important moment. Her process from start to finish was warm, communicative, collaborative and best of all – super easy and stress-free. She handled all of the legal details like a champ and there were no issues before or on the day.

I could not recommend Andjelka as a celebrant more highly. We loved her and we would do it all again in a second. Thank you!”

— Apple & Jake, October 2018